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Two condenser heat pumps.

With two-condenser heat pumps, we maximize the available COP in DHW mode. In addition, in many cases it is possible to replace a misused separate heat pump unit. A characteristic of DHW production is that due to the simultaneities, relatively high power requirements are generated.

An example would be a hotel — where heat pumps with low-temperature heating with outside air temperature control are installed. Due to the preparation kitchen, a DHW of 600C is required. In such a case, the usual solution is to use an external heat exchanger. However, this degrades the available COP value and the maximum DHW temperature by a temperature step (4-5 0C).

Another possible solution in this case is that it is advisable to set a separate heat pump to the highest possible condensing temperature level to produce DHW. The utilization of this heat pump is 1/3 of the utilization of the heating heat pumps!

However, if we use the “Vaporline” two-condenser (HDW) device for heating and DHW supply of the building, there is no temperature step, no COP loss, at the same time we improve the utilization of heating heat pumps by 1/3 and save a millions HUF investment.

HDW heat pumps work in priority mode for DHW. After filling the DHW tank, they switch to heating mode. In summer mode, only DHW heating works.