CNC fine plasma cutter

The Winbrenner BPS series is the flagship of precision sheet metal cutting.

Thanks to the precision, precise cuts can be made even when cutting thin sheets. It has an accuracy of +0.05 mm, coupled with a positioning speed of 30 m / min. Precision sliding wires in the direction of the X and Y axes and vertical movement of the cutting heads are provided by bullet spindles.

What is CNC fine jet plasma cutting?

Computer numerical control has been incorporated into many new technologies and machines. One type of machine used with computer numerical control is the CNC plasma cutter. CNC fine plasma cutting involves cutting through electrically conductive materials using an accelerated hot plasma nozzle that is directed directly at the material to be cut. Steel, aluminum, brass, and copper are practical types of materials that are often cut with this method.

Where can CNC fine jet plasma cutting be used?

Plasma cutters are used in a wide variety of environments. These include manufacturing and welding centers, car repair and repair shops, industrial construction sites. The machine is controlled by a computer system.

The plasma head is able to move in different directions using numerical coding, which is programmed into the computer. These machines performed the operations with extreme precision.

Thanks to the high-precision equipment, precise cuts can be made even when using thin (0.8-1.0mm vtg.) Plates, this accuracy can be up to 0.05 mm, coupled with a positioning speed of 30m / min. The movement of the cutting heads in different directions is ensured by vertical bullet spindles.

CNC fine jet plasma cutting features with precise equipment:

  • Its controller is a Hypertherm Micro Edge Pro
  • Modern software control Hypertherm ProNest 2017
  • Actuated by a double synchronous servo on the y axis
  • Single synchronous drive on the x-axis
  • Type of servomotors Brushless AC
  • Fast speed and precise accuracy
  • Positioning accuracy can be maintained under any load
  • The head unit is equipped with an automatic height sensor and is controlled by a torch height
  • Equipped with a magnetic laser cutting unit that protects against collision
  • Equipped with an automatic smoke extraction device
  • Economical plasma source Hypertherm HPR 130XD
  • True Hole hole technology
  • Optimized placement of parts
  • Automatic gas mixing
  • Built-in laser indicator
  • High-capacity extractor VANTERN for dust and smoke collection

How does a CNC fine plasma cutter work?

The plasma arc is formed by the combined action of an electric arc between the electrode and the substrate and a gas escaping at high speed through a narrow bore. The highly concentrated plasma arc at 13,000-15,000 ° C melts the metal point by point and the kinetic energy of the gases removes the molten metal from the cutting gap. Plasma cutting technology is sensitive to the constant torque and workpiece distances, as well as the surface quality of the material to be cut. Good quality cutting can be achieved in a narrow parameter range. Plasma cutting of different materials requires several gases, compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen nitrogen (F5), hydrogen argon (H35). Automatic gas dispensers provide a good service for selecting the applied gases and setting the appropriate parameters, which allow you to quickly adjust the gases and their parameters for the raw material, material thickness and cutting rifle with a few keystrokes on the control.


There are two main types of plasma cutting equipment, one is the conventional or fine beam system. Conventional systems are used to cut thicker materials with less precision. Fine jet cutting equipment ensures high quality cutting with minimal contamination for larger, more demanding applications. Why choose us?

With automated plasma cutting, maximizing performance and productivity is essential to our business, which makes us competitive. Pre-order knowledge of these parameters is a key part of our company’s CNC fine plasma cutting decision. Therefore, we use only the best quality cutting systems for high quality and high performance. The unrivaled range of options and accessories allows us to customize all equipment to meet the manufacturing needs of our customers.