Vaporline GWT300

waste heat – water heat pump

Size (h / w / d): 1640/800/1000 mm

Weight: 240 kg

Basic version: HW *

Reduced function versions: H;

Categories: HACW (H; HW; HAC), HDW, Waste heat heat pumps, Air to water heat pumps, Water to water heat pum

Heating flow temperature max .: 820C-

Heating power (400C / 500C): 236.0 kW

Heating power (400C / 800C): 192.0kW

Electrical power demand:

400C / 500C-on: 30.5 kW

400C / 800C-on: 57.4 kW

Heating COP (400C / 500C): 7.8

DHW power: 35.0 kW

Refrigerant: R134